August 6, 2010

PETRA BOND- Chin Yew (Coming Soon to Maskara Shorties 7 Aug)

Petra Bond is one of the short-films Chin Yew was paid to do for an oil and gas company, as an opening video for their James Bond themed annual dinner. By studying the building and the staffs of the company, Chin Yew had specially wrote and crafted this video for them.

Famously known as the boy who quit his mundane job and locked himself in a room to paint 40 canvases while posting the progress daily via in a blog he co-created; Trained as a production assistant from commercial production when he was 25, he climbed the ladder easily when he switched to the local television production, and became a director at the age of 27. He has directed various episodes of the popular children series Geng Bas Sekolah and was the CG director for the superhero series Kapten Boleh. Animation graduated from Lim Kok Wing, he is also an artist who paints for exhibition, published and illustrated a picture book ‘The Boy Who Loved Clouds’ and a graphic novel ‘I See So Many Butterflies’. He is currently working on his first telemovie about a boy who tries to make Kuala Lumpur snow. When not working on any story-form projects, he still sells his soul by line producing commercials and directs boring government corporate videos. Visit his BLOG.

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