August 3, 2010

KIAMU!!! - Anwari Ashraf

'Kiamu!!!' is actually part of a much more elaborate idea that Anwari has been keeping close to his heart. But when the opportunity came, he had to make do with what's provided and make it into a short film.

Among many of his influences on writing 'Kiamu!!!' is German writer Frank Wedekind's original 1891 play Frühlings Erwachen, a text in which Anwari exemplifies the inner-rebellious tone in it's writing style and dialogue. As a self-acclaimed port-modernist filmmaker, he references Quentin Tarantino's wit and Shane Black's "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

Anwari's first attempt on film directing was at the age of 14. His debut short film; 'Humpty Dumty's Scientific Escape' (2003) brought him to Hong Kong for the 2004 APICTA awards. " It was the days where video editing softwares were being introduced to home computers, and I was just another kid who found it to be a lot of fun!”

He was a pure-science stream student and was aiming to further his tertiary education in Medical Science with a government scholarship. Getting a 'B' for Bahasa Melayu in SPM marks the end of his MD dreams. Ask him today and he’ll refers it as "the best thing that ever happened" to him. He just completed his BA in Film Video; Interactive Arts at Middlesex University, London under the sponsorship of Malaysian broadcasting giant; Astro.


sinaganaga said...

part bergambar dengan Panavision tu yang takutttt sangat tu. Eeeeiiiiuuuu...

Anwari Ashraf said...

Posing je tu bro, Kiamu shoot pakai DV je :P