July 19, 2010

THE FOREST SPIRITS by Ting Szu Kiong (Coming soon to Maskara Shorties Aug 7)

THE FOREST SPIRITS 狐仙计 The first Singapore wuxia short film Story by Ting Szu Kiong. A powerful clan leader goes deep into the forest to hone his supernatural skills. To stop disturbance, he kills one of the forest spirits to warn them while they are having a celebration. Years later, the forest spirits lure a young man into the forest. This is their first step in their revenge against the tyrannical man who has taken away their territory.

The screening of The Forest Spirit at Maskara Shorties is the world premiere of the film.

About the director:
Ting Szu Kiong 陈祖君 is one of the most prolific self-trained filmmakers in Singapore. His first short film, My Keys 我的钥匙 (comedy/fantasy), was nominated for Best Short Film in Asian Festival of First Films. His second, Michelle 米雪 (experimental), was selected for screenings under Asian Film Symposium. The Triumph 胜利的微笑 (film noir), is his third while The Forest Spirits 狐仙计 (sword-fighting/fantasy), which would be Singapore's first wuxia short film, is his fourth.Ting Szu Kiong is a Malaysian from Sabah based in Singapore.

Read the interview with the director: SINdie, Production Talk

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