July 22, 2010

SUNRISE- Platon Theodoris (Coming soon to Maskara Shorties Aug 7)

Before Sunrise - The making of Sunrise

Stories from the Sunrise Children’s Village have been adapted to tell the tale of nine year old Chin, forced to quit school to look after his two younger sisters, while their mother works far away on a cucumber farm. 

Sunrise was made with the kids from the Sunrise Children's Village in Cambodia is currently on the film festival circuit: 30th Busan Short Film Festival, 27th St Kilda Film Festival, Athens (Ohio) Film Festival, 4th Dungog Film Festival, 23rd Singapore International Film Festival, 9th Bondi Short Film Festival. 

About The Director
Platon, based in Sidney, Australia, is an independent film director who loves discovering the strange and unexpected in the everyday. This might explain his uncanny strength to engage an audience by capturing genuine and memorable performances. Visit his website- HERE.

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